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My name is Stephen and I’m a creative who talks with his hands, thinks with everything else and tries not to take things too seriously, except big ideas and maybe my beard. If that’s all you need to know or you’re in a hurry, let’s jump straight into the work.


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Art Director. Designer.


If you need to put a name on me, it’s all those things…and then some. I also write copy, shoot video/photos and animate. I love creative problem solving and like to find innovative solutions using new techniques and technologies.

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Since graduating from Curtin University and AWARD School in 2013 I’ve created, produced and pitched campaigns for international and local brands at some of the biggest agencies in the country. I love all disciplines of design and my diverse body of work has included all forms of traditional and digital media.

If you need to know exactly where I’ve worked and a more detailed CV, check out my LinkedIn profile.

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All work and no play…

Outside of work I am a huge music fan with an '80s record collection better than most teenage girls had in the '80s and a taste that covers all genres and decades. I am currently, albeit very slowly, learning to play the banjo as a first instrument because guitars are for hippies and I identify as more of a redneck.

I'm a film nerd and enjoy films that challenge and inspire but will never watch Requiem for a Dream again. I’m glad I did that one time at 3am. But nope, never again.

I also do a bit of other art and design based stuff on the side. Check it all out in The Kitchen. If you wanna get in touch, fill out the contact form below.

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Well Then This could be the start of a beautiful relationship…

Seriously, that headline was the placeholder for this page.

If you have some briefs lying about, clogging the creative pipeline and seconds away from becoming mildly aerodynamic aircrafts, chuck us an email. Together, we can poke and prod until something erupts in a big ol' mess of creative glory.

Just like any beautiful relationship...

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