Journey to Glazetopia

Client: Krispy Kreme

Star Wars. Guardians of the Galaxy. Journey to Glazetopia.

Krispy Kreme's Box Office Hits range were inspired by the experience of the cinema. A blockbuster hit for the tastebuds needed a blockbuster movie to go with it, so we partnered with award winning production company Yukfoo to create an epic 360 VR sci-fi adventure, 'Journey to Glazetopia'.

THE VR FILM (click and drag Video for VR)



Everyone knows the best part of the cinemas is the trailers, so we released a teaser trailer and poster to build up some hype for the upcoming release. .



To complete camapign we used classic cinema box office imagery to introduce the flavours in the range and bring the red carpet to every Krispy Kreme store in Australia. .



The experience wasn't complete without a VR headset, so we designed a limited edition Google Cardboard, only available in-store with a purchase of a Box Office Hits dozen box..