Pay-Per-View Art Exhibit

Finalist: 2016

Young Glory is the only worldwide creativity competition devoted to awarding creative consistency. 8 months, 8 briefs, 8 judges.



There are over 7 million blind people in Indonesia who can't see the beauty of their own country. Frustratingly most cases can be easily cured for as little as $25. How can we make people act and actually donate money to this cause instead of being sentimental and hoping they will.


We create the world's first pay-per-view public art exhibit. Each piece of work will is covered by a digital screen. As people donate money, the screens will become clearer to reveal the work beneath and highlight the minimal cost it takes to help people see.


We partner with a famous landscape artist who will display a series of photographs of Indonesia. We set up the the exhibit in busy public places, with each photograph linked to PayPass and donation boxes. If there not enough continuous donations, the screens will become blurred and dark again, prompting further donations to view the exhibit..


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